Send Test APNs Push Notifications Online



The hexadecimal bytes that identify the recipient's device.

Request Headers

Your app's bundle ID and proper suffix if applicable.

Use the alert push type for notifications that trigger a user interaction - for example, an alert, badge, or sound.

The notification will be delivered immediately.


How do Apple Push Notifications Work?

Your company's provider server communicates with Apple Push Notification service, which in turn communicates with the user's devices.
The delivery of remote notifications involves several key flows:
  1. At launch time, your app registers with APNs and receives a device token unique to both the device and your app.
  2. Your app forwards the device token to your push notification provider server.
  3. Your provider server establishs a trusted connection to APNs using token-based or certificate-based authentication, and then sends notification data to APNs with the device token of the user's device.
  4. APNs delivers your notificaiton to the user's device.
  5. Upon receipt of the notification, the operating system on the user’s device handles any user interactions and delivers the notification to your app.